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Tons of adoptions!

This day have been just GREAT! Birgit contacted me for some adoptions, she wanted to get some space for the real goodies that she is expecting, so, i said yes, offcourse! She handed out all with full package, layouts and all; im so grateful, may i give her a kiss next time we meet..? .)
Its 3 in Fashion/Cosmetics and as much as 5 in Food/Drinks :D All off them are things i adores and have a bit relations to, so this was good! I will use the next 2-3 days to put them all up correctly so stay tuned!

On the other https://www.pocketoption.com.ph side, im still waiting for those i have applied for at Tfl.org, still crossing fingers.. *tripping*
16 Mar 2005 by Linni comments

2 more to come!

Ohh! Aljazeera.net and CNN.com! Two of the news-sites im reading daily. Im a little bit elated right now!
14 Mar 2005 by Linni comments

3 apps on a spin..

A great day! Just received 3 approved mail, all in the Food/Drinks category. Im delighted! The Easter holidays is rescued!
13 Mar 2005 by Linni comments

Quarrelsome layout

Im working on the layout for Skype. Feeling a bit stucked since im not sure what im doing on pocket option promo codes this one. Maybe a good night sleep will get "something" out of my not so creative mind? This is the first time im doing a layout out of an image, you see, im not sure even what to call it...
10 Mar 2005 by Linni comments

Gmail Notifier are in the house!

After alot of thinking the last few days i desided to make it simple, just like the Gmail Notifier itself. Tiny, simple but yet great and powerful. If you use it, please join the fanlist ASAP! If you don't use it, join enyway. :D
09 Mar 2005 by Linni comments

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